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Michael Lillis

Chairman, Latin American Advisory Board

Michael Lillis served as head of GECAS’ Latin American and Caribbean business from 1990 to 2006. Prior to its acquisition by GE, he also served in the same role for Irish aircraft lessor, GPA. During his career in Latin America, Michael financed over 180 aircraft valued at in excess of US$6 billion. Michael has worked with, and financed aircraft for, every major airline in Latin America. Prior to his career in aircraft leasing, Michael served in the Irish Embassy in the United States and subsequently in the European Commission in Brussels. During his period at the Commission, he negotiated trade agreements for the EU with the Andean Pact (which includes Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) and Argentina. He was also a lead negotiator for Ireland on the Anglo-Irish agreement on Northern Ireland in 1985 and was subsequently appointed as the youngest Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva where he conducted global trade negotiations.

Michael is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and co-wrote ‘Scandal and Courage: The Lives of Eliza Lynch’, an account of the War of the Triple Alliance in South America. Michael has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from University College Dublin.

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