About us
Avolon has built a leading position in aircraft leasing. The scale of our business reflects the ambition of our team and the values to which we ascribe. We are committed to pushing boundaries in everything that we do – to build stronger relationships with our customers; to maintain an attractive and inclusive environment in which to work; and to invest back in our local community.
Our Values
Avolon has clear values - embodied in the acronym TRIBE – which form the basis of how we run our business and how we interact with one another and with all of our stakeholders. Our TRIBE is who we are and what unites us as a company.






Our Responsibility
We encourage and support staff-led philanthropic projects to promote innovation, education and change in the communities where we work and live. This is our responsibility and how we show we CARE. The CARE initiative is delivered under four pillars:
Facilitating improvement and change in our local and global communities.
avolon care days
Direct involvement by our people in the projects that matter most to them.
Implementing initiatives and strategies to ensure the availability of our limited resources today and in the future.
Education & Entrepreneurship
Fostering in ourselves and others the continued drive for growth and success.
Our Thoughts
Analysing and assessing the impact of industry trends is central to effective decision making and risk management in any business. We differentiate ourselves by taking an analytical approach to important industry trends and setting out those views in our industry research papers here.
View research papers here:
India: A 21st Century Powerhouse
Into the Great Wide Open | 2018 New Year Industry Review, 1 January 2018
World Fleet Forecast 2017–2036, 1 October 2017
The 737 MAX – Taking Flight, 1 August 2017
China: The Land of Silk and Money Part 2, 8 May 2017
China: The Land of Silk and Money Part 1, 3 May 2017
Values and Valuers | An Assessment of the Aircraft Valuation Business, 18 February 2016
Aircraft Retirement & Storage Trends | Economic Life Analysis Reprised and Expanded, 30 March 2015
Onwards & Upwards. 2015 New Year Industry Snapshot, 14 January 2015
World Fleet Forecast 2014 - 2033, 12 September 2014
2014 New Year Outlook. To Infinity...and Beyond!, 1 January 2014
2013 Aircraft Roundtable, 1 December 2013
Funding the Future - Matching the Demand for Aircraft with the Supply of Capital, 1 November 2013
World Fleet Forecast 2013, 1 June 2013
Transitioning to Neo and Max - An Investor's Guide, 22 February 2013
2013 New Year Outlook The Dawn of a Golden Age in Aviation, 1 January 2013
Airfinance Annual 2012 – Industry Review and Outlook, 1 November 2012
Aircraft Retirement Trends & Outlook, 1 September 2012
2012 New Year Outlook, 1 January 2012
Aircraft as investments, 1 December 2011
Airfinance Annual 2011 – Industry Review and Outlook, 1 December 2011
We’re proud of the recognition we have achieved within our industry. It inspires us to continue to push boundaries in everything that we do.
M&A Deal of the Year
M&A Deal of the Year
European CFO / Treasury Team of the Year
European CFO / Treasury Team of the Year
Lessor of the Year
Lessor of the Year
Overall Deal of the Year
Overall Deal of the Year
Best European Deal
Best European Deal
Aviation Leasing Achievement
Aviation Leasing Achievement
Our Owners
Bohai Capital Holding Co Ltd Bohai Capital is a leading global leasing company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SLE: 000415) and is CSI 300 index company. Bohai Capital owns a portfolio of market leading transportation and infrastructure asset leasing companies principally focused on aircraft and container leasing. The Company is the only listed leasing company on the Chinese A-Share stock market and is the only fully licensed leasing operator in Mainland China.
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Avolon lists on the NYSE with a market cap of US$1.6b; the largest ever listing on the NYSE by an Irish founded Company.
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